The Author

Hello, my name is Aaron.

I am a family nurse researcher living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I am the father of three sons and a specialist in neurodevelopmental pediatrics. I am a full-time faculty member at a major health sciences university.

I have a deep and abiding passion for people and their lived experiences of health and family. At 40 years old, I am just about to complete a PhD in Family Nursing. I am the co-editor of the texbook, "Pediatric Home Care for Nurses: A Family-Centered Approach", and have two new books currently in production scheduled for release in the next 18 months. I have presented my work and thinking in the USA, Europe, and Japan. I enjoy meeting families everywhere I go and find great personal joy in seeing the love and resiliency of families the world over.

As a long-time family nurse, I have learned that families come in many forms and with many strengths and abilities. In my own family, I have witnessed incredible resilience through change and in the face of seemingly impossible odds. My family has survived because we have embraced diversity, possibility, and compassion. After observing the seemingly increasing hostility aimed at diverse families by fearful and angry individuals and groups in my own society, I have decided to add my own voice to the discussion.

Families, no matter who their members are or how they are organized, can be inspiring, empowering, and enduring. I will no longer stand by as some are constantly attacked or limited by those for whom fear and ignorance are ways of life. I have been working carefully and mindfully on my declaration titled The Infinite Family for about a year and a half now. It is finally time to introduce these powerful words to the discourse on family equality.

This work is dedicated to every single family, no matter who they are or how they are organized. Families are the most basic units of society. They are also beautiful, diverse, and complex. I celebrate all of you and your unique characteristics.

With respect and regards to each and all,


Aaron Tabacco, BSN, RN, PhD Student

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