Ten Beliefs from TIFD

In an effort to make the Infinite Family Declaration something that can speak to people from every walk of life, I've also created this summary version called "Ten Beliefs from the Infinite Family: A Declaration".

Ten Beliefs from The Infinite Family:
A Declaraton

All human beings compose a Grand Family.
Biology links us as humans; suffering binds us as beings; compassion unites us as family.

Families are self-defined.
There are many beliefs about the family but there is no single way to define the family.

Families begin by joining.
There is no form of joining that lacks the potential for moral, social, and emotional excellence when shared compassion is present.

Families maintain unique worlds.
Through joining, people create families that include others in many meaningful and diverse ways.

Families protect, serve, and nurture.
Each family chooses the ways in which they care for one another; most of the time it is through acts of compassion that are positive and supportive.

Families are diverse.
Variety in family structures, traditions, and beliefs brings strength to society; it protects individuals from being alone.

Families are dynamic.
Structural change in families is an act of survival, regardless of the reason. These changes strengthen existing families and create new ones.

Families are inclusive.
Families embrace their members in most cases, particularly when larger society does not. The need to belong is a creative force in families.

Families are resilient.
All families have the potential to rise above suffering when members act with compassion to include one another through change.

Families are infinite.
Every family is linked with infinite connections to other families across earth and across time; our families came before us and follow after us; they cannot be destroyed, only changed.

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